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We're just about there!

I'm delighted to announce that the bird hide in Spurrell's Wood is now finished. Trustees have decided, by way of a thank you to our group of loyal volunteers and Friends of Felbeck, to dedicate it's use to them. A small gesture in recognition of all they do for us!

We had a great turn-out for this morning's work-party at Sustead Common - the penultimate of the current programme. Half of the volunteers made a significant impact on the ten ton pile of hogging - using it to make up the path between the 'car park' and the hide / outdoor classroom. The other volunteers finished off the other hide, constructed a rustic bench and de-silted the recently created 'back-water'. A great effort all round -bringing Spurrell's Wood ever-nearer the point when we can open it to public access. We hope this will coincide with our next Open Day on Sunday 14th April.

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