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Gresham’s Friday Clear-up October 2nd 2022

On September 30th, five youngsters from Gresham’s School (Sam, Liam, Luke, Hippolyte and YY) and Lenny their support teacher, alongside Felbeck Trust volunteers Nick and Val, did a stalwart job at West Beckham Green clearing the paths. They set to work with bow saws and loppers to demolish a large fallen Rowan branch at the west end of the Green, which was completely blocking the path. In no time they had chopped it into manageable pieces and created two log piles for invertebrates to call home.

After a quick break for chocolate & orange doughnuts and hot chocolate, they picked up their tools again and cleared Brambles, Bracken and Holly that were invading the paths.

Meanwhile, back at West Beckham Old Allotments, Trevor spent the whole afternoon cutting the paths, as the recent rain had made the grass grow really lush.


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