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Susan Nicholls

I came along to the 2022 Sustead Bioblitz and was blown away by the expertise, and the friendliness of the people I met. Volunteer to do practical outdoor tasks to help improve habitat and increase biodiversity? No brainer, I was in.

I suspect that most trustees and volunteers would struggle to comprehend my lack of knowledge of bird, plant, and insect species. But I have learnt so much from volunteering.

I was lucky to be brought up in a semi-rural area: from memory, I spent most of my childhood outdoors, mostly on the Malvern Hills.

Originally a Veterinary Nurse, in recent years I worked mainly as a decorator, and project managed small renovation projects.

I am very interested in taking what I am learning about habitat creation, and learning how to apply it in my own garden, allotment, and village.

Susan Nicholls
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