Felbeck Trust – Health and Safety on our Sites


When in the countryside you are responsible for your own safety and for the safety of others in your care, especially children and vulnerable adults. Wear clothing appropriate for the countryside and for the expected weather conditions.

When visiting any sites managed by Felbeck Trust please:

·   Follow the Countryside Code 

·   Respect others: consider the local community and other people who are enjoying the outdoors

·   Look out for trip & slip hazards: uneven, muddy, wet or marshy ground, animal

·   holes, tree roots - take extra care on boardwalks or when crossing bridges

·   Avoid poisonous or stinging plants, brambles or other foliage with thorns or spikes -don’t pick the wild flowers

·   Protect yourself against biting or stinging insects, which can carry disease – be tick (Lyme disease) aware

·   Avoid getting too close to stock fencing, it may contain barbed wire

·   Protect yourself against bacterial infections e.g. Weils disease, by avoiding water where there are wild animals

·   Avoid snakes, or places where they may be resting, like piles of leaves or vegetation

·   Leave gates as you find them and follow the marked paths

·   Keep your dogs on a lead at all times - clear up and take your dog waste home for disposal

·   Make a Doctor’s appointment if you feel unwell after a visit to the countryside

·   Protect the natural environment, do not remove anything from the site but do take your litter home – leave only footprints and take only photographs



September 2018