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Our Partners

The Norfolk Rivers Trust was established in 2011 with the objective of conserving and restoring Norfolk rivers and wetland habitats. The trust is run by a committee of trustees with a broad range of expertise in river habitat conservation, land management and conservation, charitable trust, legal and business administration, compliance and accountancy.

The North East Norfolk Bird Club is a recently created club, covering the beautiful and bird-rich north east corner of Norfolk. Their recording area, which covers eight 10k squares, includes many premium birding locations, as well as thousands of acres of under-watched or undiscovered habitats.

The aim of the Club is to bring together people with a love and concern for birds in the area, to share knowledge and information, encourage participation in exploring our rich wildlife heritage and promote awareness of our threatened natural environment.

NENBC strives to be a sociable, inclusive and informative club which plays a vital role in the local birding community. They run a comprehensive programme of indoor and outdoor events throughout the year and aim to be a valuable resource to birders of all levels of experience and interest.

Aylmerton Field Study Centre is a small, highly professional, outdoor education centre in North Norfolk, managed and run by teachers. Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, adjacent to the magnificent National Trust estate at Felbrigg, we offer a range of exciting activities bringing the curriculum to life through outdoor learning. Our over-riding philosophy is simple: we aim to provide every person, child or adult, with a unique outdoor experience that is second to none.

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