Sustead Common

This site is leased from the National Trust and managed for general wildlife by Felbeck Trust. It is part of a larger former Common, which was split up after the parish relinquished title in 1973. The site, though small, has a mosaic of habitats, including wet grassland, scrub, hedges and young and mature trees. It provides a wildlife oasis within the intensively farmed landscape in which it sits. Adjacent to the Common is the Surveyor’s Allotment, administered by North Norfolk District Council, and sharing a similar range of habitats. We are currently seeking a management licence to permit the two sites to be reintegrated. The Gur Beck, a tributary of the Scarrow Beck, bisects the site, the whole area being within the Upper Bure catchment. Both sites are currently badly over grown and will revert to woodland unless appropriate management work is carried out quickly.

There is currently no general access but once the basic habitat restoration work has been completed it is intended to provide a 'permissive path' through the whole area.

In 2018 the Trust purchased the area known as Spurrell's Wood, an area of recently planted hazel coppices, hornbeam and other native trees, surrounded by ancient boundary trees. This is open to the public via a defined circular perimeter path. There is a hide at the end of the wood, available to Friends of Felbeck Trust.

East Beckham Common and West Beckham Green

East Beckham Common is a gently sloping site to the south of the village of East Beckham. A public footpath runs through the site with mixed mature trees and hedges along the route. The site is designated as Common.

West Beckham Green is close to Sheringham Park and is accessed from the minor road, north of the village of West Beckham, close to the junction with the  A148. The site is open woodland, including a number of mature Oak, with areas of scrub and bracken. A circular path runs around the site providing public access with a bench and picnic table provided. The site is designated as a village green.

Sadlers Wood

Sadlers Wood is a pocket park site in North Walsham.  Felbeck Trust and North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) are working together to improve this whole mixed-use site for the benefit of residents, visitors and local wildlife alike - create a lasting legacy of open green space within an increasingly developed urban landscape.

There are existing areas of mown grass which lend themselves to conversion to wildlife mini- meadows. 

There are a number of specimen veteran trees including Oak, Hornbeam and Holly and  existing woodland areas will be augmented by additional planting using native species. 

Hawthorn, Bracken and Bramble scrub will be managed to optimise areas for nesting and sheltering birds and mammals. Planting with compatible native species will further enhance the under-storey and make good any damage caused by deer grazing. Boundaries adjacent to farmland - particularly existing hedges - will be managed and improved for the benefit of nesting birds.