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As a UK-registered charity, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to make our work possible. Felbeck Trust’s donors are our ‘silent supporters’ – sharing our objectives and contributing to essential running costs. Many of our donors make regular contributions each year which provide us with a secure revenue stream, enabling forward planning for essential maintenance work and annual recurring outgoings (e.g. public liability insurance).

Footpaths, trees, and hedges need regular maintenance to keep them in good order and to prevent accidents. The trust operates on a shoestring, having no premises and no employees. We cannot thank our donors enough for their support – including those who make one-off donations in addition to regular annual payments.

Thanks to income generated by our donors, combined with the many hours of work contributed by our volunteers, our sites have improved for the benefit of wildlife, and regular species monitoring shows that the variety of insects and invertebrates, butterflies and dragonflies, and amphibians has increased. The improved habitat has
attracted more small mammals and birds higher up the food chain, thereby expanding the overall range of species on our sites.

Please consider making a gift by using the donate button below, or get in touch if you wish to use alternative means to donate, such as bank transfer, cash, or by cheque:

Felbeck Trust continues to raise funds via its eBay presence. Any items that are not suitable or that do not sell are passed on to a local charity shop. If you have something that you think may be suitable to sell, then please contact Jane Williams at

If you have any suggestions on sources of funding, or if you have an interest in joining our fundraising team, please get in touch via

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