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June 2024 The Sustead Cluster and West Beckham Old Allotment received joint runner-up awards for [name], and Felbeck Trust as a whole won the [name] award at the Norfolk Biodiversity Awards



November 2022
– A ten-year lease is signed with Felmingham Parish Council for Felbeck Trust to take on the habitat management of Felmingham No 1 Stow Heath surveyor’s allotment

September 2022 – Felbeck Trust takes on four new surveyor’s allotments under a 99-year lease with North Norfolk District Council: Brinton Nos 1 & 2 Nine Holes; Gunthorpe (Bale) No 1 Surveyor’s Allotment; Hindolveston No 1 Gravel Pit; and Wood Norton No 3 Clay Pit 

October 2021 – In partnership with The Norfolk Rivers Trust and NNDC, Felbeck Trust begins assisting a local landowner to improve a ten-acre site in the Upper Bure catchment area

September 2021 – Felbeck Trust is joint winner of CPRE Norfolk’s Countryside Champions Award for its project at West Beckham Old Allotments, for projects "that enhance and protect the Norfolk countryside and all that is within it through the vision and perseverance of local community groups and individuals"

September 2020 – Felbeck Trust begins collaborating with Cromer Green Spaces, a new community group managing neglected green spaces to improve the habitat for wildlife in Cromer

September 2020 – West Beckham Old Allotments is approved as a site for the RSPB’s Operation Turtle Dove, a programme aiming to bring Turtle Doves back from the brink of extinction

Spring 2020 – Felbeck Trust’s Sustead cluster of sites gains County Wildlife Site status

July 2019 – Official opening of Spurrell’s Wood after habitat restoration work is completed

September 2019 – Felbeck Trust wins the NNDC 2019 Environment Award

September 2019 – Felbeck Trust signs a ten-year management agreement with East & West Beckham Parish Council, to manage West Beckham Allotment Field (West Beckham Old Allotments)

April 2019 – The ten-year Management Agreement with North Norfolk District Council, to manage Sustead Surveyor’s Allotment is extended to 99 years

March 2019 – Felbeck Trust starts working with North Norfolk District Council on Sadler's Wood, a 20-acre site at North Walsham, using a grant from MHCLG to upgrade and improve the natural environment and amenities for local people and the benefit of wildlife - one of the key objectives, restoration of Green Flag status, being achieved in July 2019

November 2018 – Felbeck Trust is runner up in the Youth Engagement category of the CRPRE Awards, recognising our joint work with Aylmerton Field Study Centre

November 2018 – Felbeck Trust purchases Spurrell’s Wood, after a successful fundraising campaign


March 2018 – Felbeck Trust signs a ten-year management agreement with East & West Beckham Parish Council, to manage East Beckham Common and the nearby West Beckham Green site (known as Beckham Village Green) 


November 2017 – Felbeck Trust accepts the offer to manage Spurrell’s Wood and begins a campaign to raise funds to purchase the wood


November 2017 – Trevor Williams, the Chairman of Felbeck Trust, is nominated for a Norwich & Norfolk March 2018 Eco Hero Award


September 2017 - Official Opening of Sustead Common following completion of habitat management work


July 2017 – Aylmerton Pond Restoration Group, the precursor of Felbeck Trust, wins a Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership Community Biodiversity Award


May 2017 – The Roadside Nature Reserve is extended along the whole of the Sustead Common frontage & Felbeck Trust accepts responsibility for maintaining the whole RNR


January 2017 – Felbeck Trust signs a ten-year management agreement with North Norfolk District Council to manage Sustead Surveyor’s Allotment


January 2017 – Felbeck Trust signs a ten-year management agreement with the National Trust to manage Sustead Common

October 2016 – Felbeck Trust is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

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