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The Perfect Storm

The finished product - dug and filled in a day! Winter flooding scrape, Sustead Common

Yesterday was devoted to digging out the winter flooding scrape at Sustead Common, with the invaluable help of Jonah and Ursula from Norfolk Rivers Trust, Dom 'the digger man' and Billy our generous benefactor for this project. Most of the work was completed by lunch-time, watched-over by a small but appreciative audience of Felbeck supporters. By mid-afternoon the threatened thunderstorms materialised and boy did it rain! By the time it came to pack-up and go the newly-dug scrape was full to overflowing. Dug and filled in a day! A huge thank you to all those involved and our apologies to those folk who have already become accustomed to using the Common, we'll get the mess sorted out as soon as possible!

Some more scenes from a day which started with sunshine and finished with the Perfect Storm! The work begins..

Work begins

By lunchtime the scrape is coming on

Watched by a group of supporters (and cake-eaters!)

Then the rains came

The finished scrape, full to over-flowing

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