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The Plan is working

Large Red Damselfly - new to Sustead Common

I was at Sustead Common recently, checking on water levels in our winter scape. We deepened it last Autumn in the hope that it would retain water through the summer and provide suitable breeding habitat for Dragonflies & Damselflies. Well the plan is working! I spotted no fewer than four species - including three Damselflies which I've not previously seen at the site: Large Red, Azure & Blue-tailed. None of these are rare or even particularly scarce but they are important evidence that our habitat management work is beginning to pay dividends - biodiversity is definitely increasing on the Common!

Speaking of habitat management work - the gang were out last week at East Beckham Common - taking a top cut off the newly restored grassland area. More increased biodiversity in the pipe-line we hope!

Our hard-working volunteers, busy on East Beckham Common

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