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Tasso Leventis

Tasso Leventis is a businessman with widespread involvement in wildlife conservation, substantially in Africa. His commitment to bird conservation includes the establishment of an avian research institute in Nigeria, as well as participation in and support for national and international conservation organisations such as Birdlife International and a number of Birdlife's many partner organisations.

His long-term support for conservation has been widely recognised by the award to him of five Honorary Doctorates, as well as a CBE from the British Government and an OFR from the Government of Nigeria. More recently he was feted at the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge to celebrate the long-standing diverse and generous support that he has given to biodiversity conservation over the past 35 years.

As an avowed amateur, his passion is wildlife photography, particularly birds, and many of his photographs are due to be published in a new book on the Bird Families of Africa.

He lives in London with his wife and family although he still travels extensively, mostly to Nigeria, Greece and Cyprus, from where his family originally come

Tasso Leventis
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