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Val Stubbs

Newsletter Editor

I was lucky enough to have a lot of freedom in the outdoors as a child, and my parents taught me most of what I know about the natural world.

After a career in translating and international market analysis, I moved to Norfolk in 2018, where my energies have become increasingly focused on wildlife and the environment. I volunteer for Felbeck Trust, the National Trust as Grey Seal and Little Tern ranger, Selbrigg Toad Patrol and Cromer Peregrine Project.

Since joining Weybourne Parish Council I have found my voice as a champion for the environment, and as a Trustee of Felbeck Trust I am furthering my passion for practical conservation work, as well as harnessing the skills I have gained over the years for the good of wildlife and the local community. 

I am joint Editor of the Trust’s Newsletter, and a member of the Habitat Management Sub-Group.

Val Stubbs
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