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A many-sited work party

Today’s work party – Thursday September 23rd – stretched to four of our sites.

Eight volunteers gathered to mow Sustead’s Roadside Nature Reserves and more of the Surveyor’s Allotment – high-vis jackets helping to slow the flow of traffic. Carol and Ken laboured to clear (and succeeded in clearing) the dense vegetation next to the pond/scrape on the Surveyor’s Allotment, uncovering the somewhat blocked drainage channels that join the scrape to the beck, while Alan, Nigel S, Al and Tracey dealt with nearly all of the verge work. Meanwhile, Barbara and Peter tinkered around the edges.

At the Beckham sites, Trevor, Elly and Sophia worked at West Beckham Old Allotments, cutting back the vegetation on the butterfly bank and round the pond, and mowing the paths.

Meanwhile Roger, Sue, Nigel R, Bev, Val and Nick were at West Beckham Green clearing the access paths, removing the brambles around the picnic area and pulling up bracken to allow the snowdrops to see the light, ready for the winter.


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