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After Eunice

This Saturday morning’s work party in Spurrell’s Wood fitted neatly into the brief window between Storm Eunice, which had battered us all day the day before, and a squally wet afternoon leading on to more high winds. We were blessed with a cold but dry morning – well protected from the chilly westerly wind by the hedges and trees of the wood.

However, the previous day’s storm had brought down a large number of rotten branches – none of them very big – and an old oak on the southern hedge bank, which, in turn, had brought down other branches. Fortunately, Peter Fisher had come with his chain saw, so, after he had removed a couple of semi-fallen alders near the bird-hide, he set to tidying up as many limbs of the oak and the other damaged trees as he could. More remains to be done at a later work party.

Meanwhile, other volunteers finished the nest box work begun at the last work party – cleaning them and, in some cases, taking them down for repair.

We finished a bit earlier than usual as the rain swept in – but well pleased with what we had achieved. The next work party is on the morning of Thursday March 3rd at West Beckham Old Allotments.


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