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Path and squirrel clearance in Sustead

Seven volunteers descended on the Sustead sites on a beautiful, warm mid-May day to clear the paths, which, despite the lack of rain, were beginning to get rather overgrown. We dealt with the two sites on the east of the road to begin with – and managed to extract a dead squirrel from the large birdfeeder.

The feeder had fallen to the ground and the squirrel had forced its way into the feeder to get at the seed. The more it ate, the further it got into the feeder, finally getting inextricably wedged. After a coffee break, we then cleared the paths in Spurrell’s Wood and moved the bird seed bins from the Surveyor’s Allotment to the outdoor classroom on the Common – which is where they had originally stood.

We hope they will be less prone to squirrel and rat predation there.


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