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Scything for Beginners

A group of eight Felbeck Trust volunteers joined volunteers from our sister organisation, Cromer Green Spaces, at their annual Haysell (hay-making) at North Lodge Park in Cromer.

We were joined by Richard Brown, an expert scyther, who gave newbies to scything, as well as a few older hands who wanted a refresher, a crash course in the art of scything. He showed us how to set up a scythe to fit us, how to get the correct blade angle and how to balance to avoid back strain, as well as how to sharpen the blade. Then we set to mowing the first meadow, with Richard demonstrating how it should be done, and then giving us tips as we tried - with mixed success - to emulate him.

Meanwhile, some of Felbeck Trust’s more experienced scythers had started tackling the other, larger, meadow. Having set the beginners going, Richard joined the other group, providing one-to-one tuition to improve their technique. With their enhanced skills and the help of the newly trained scythers, the second meadow was soon mown and cleared.

Everyone agreed that it had been an enjoyable morning, and that Richard’s training had made a big impact.


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