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Big Game Hunting at Sustead Common!

Elephant Hawkmoth - Sustead Common

As a moth enthusiast for many years, I was very pleased to be invited by the Felbeck Trust to survey the moth populations of Spurrell’s Wood and Sustead Common. New, previously unrecorded, sites are always exciting places in which to run moth traps as one never knows what will turn up.

I have made a few visits, some during the day, but mostly at night since 26th May 2018.

As at 10th July 2018, the moth species list total stands at 133, but there are still several months left of this season. I envisage that number growing considerably. My garden list stands at over 700 species, but this has been amassed over several years.

The results of my nocturnal trapping sessions have almost put Cromer Zoo to shame; I’ve logged Elephants, a Leopard and a Tiger!

Actually, they were Elephant Hawkmoths, a Leopard Moth and a Ruby Tiger!

Leopard Moth

Another good moth for the night - Bird's Wing

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