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Winter work works wonders

Work on the bird-hide, over-looking the recently dug scrape, continued this morning

Today's work-party in Spurrell's Wood achieved good things. A flurry of snow, as we were loading the tools into the car, quickly passed and although it was cold it remained dry with even some winter sunshine breaking through. Ken and Carol cracked on with constructing the bird-hide whilst the rest of the gang made progress with this season's coppicing schedule and did some selective felling along the southern boundary. Peter did sterling work in burning the rakings from previous scrub clearance work. The site is now benefitting from the current restoration programme and beginning to show a wider range of different habitats - extending the biodiversity as well as looking like a better place for nature. Everyone went away feeling tired but, I hope, happy with their mornings efforts.

The result of some sensitive thinning - a more open woodland habitat

along the southern boundary of Spurrell's Wood

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