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NWT Wildlife in Common Week walk

Participants in the NWT wildlife walk around the Common & Wood

I've just finished doing a guided wildlife walk of Sustead Common & Spurrell's Wood, as part of the NWT's Wildlife in Common Week. Our Official Opening event on the Common this Sunday brings the week to a close. There were eight enthusiastic and knowledgeable participants and, between us, we found some pretty nice stuff. There was an abundance of insects - plenty of butterflies, bees, hoover flies, crickets, dragonflies and damselflies to keep us busy, not to mention the bird and plant life. After the walk had finished I went back through the wood to see if I could get some photos. Whilst waiting at the hide, over-looking the 'back-water', I found a male Banded Demoiselle - another new species for the site! Let's hope it's still around on Sunday - beautiful insect!

Seen after the walk had finished unfortunately - Banded Demoiselle. New for the site

There were lots of newly emerged Comma butterflies

and plenty of skippers - this one is Large Skipper

Hiding in the canopy, a female Southern Hawker

If you're at a loose end on Sunday why not come and see some of this splendid wildlife, first hand. The event runs from 10.00 till 4.00 with refreshments, walks and activities thrown in! The Official Opening of Spurrell's Wood will take place at 12.30.

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