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A three-site work party in fine weather

An early morning start at Spurrell’s Wood on Thursday March 3rd saw Peter Fisher carrying on the chain-sawing of the oak that had come down 10 days earlier on the south side of the site. A heavy bough had come to rest against another tree and was difficult to dislodge but, with the help of a rope and two other volunteers, we managed to bring the bough safely down (it had been hanging precariously over the footpath so this work was really necessary). A future work party will focus on clearing the open ground where all the branches and brash have landed.

Meanwhile, back in West Beckham, a party of six volunteers were also clearing a tree that had fallen across the path at West Beckham Green.

Once that was done, they joined three other volunteers at WBOA to help erect two new benches – one by the tool store and the other midway along the central path. The latter bench is lower than the others and pleased the shorter members of the work party. Legs no longer swing.

Some preparation was made for the digging of two small dew ponds – the work to be carried out by a small party of conservation volunteers from Gresham’s School in the next three weeks.


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