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Brinton Nine Holes

Nos 1 and 2 Brinton 9 Holes is one of the four surveyor’s allotment sites for which we now have a 99-year lease from North Norfolk District Council – and we had our very first work party at the Brinton site on Friday September 16th, albeit only a short one, with four very keen Gresham’s School students. The site is so called because there are 9 pits in the vicinity, although it is not clear whether they were all surveyor’s allotments – I think it unlikely, as usually there was one surveyor and one allotment for each village or parish. Anyway, along with the Friends of Brinton, we are now responsible for maintaining pits Nos 1 and 2, on a beautiful one-acre site, which the Friends have been looking after for the past 20 years.

The entrance to the site, along a 100-yard track leading to two fields, as well as to the site, presents parking problems, so the working party’s brief was to clear the bramble and hawthorn scrub along either side of the track next to the site entrance so as to make more space for parking.

This was done in remarkably short time, thanks to the efforts of the four Gresham’s students – Luke, Lucy, YY and Sam, with help from two Trust volunteers and one Gresham’s teacher. We were very lucky with the weather: after strong winds and torrential rain in the morning, we remained dry and warm – helped, inevitably, by doughnuts and warm drinks. Our thanks to the 4 students and to their teacher, Lenny.


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