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Confessions of a Thrasher By Nick Stubbs

I've happily, and not so happily, been having a go with a scythe at Felbeck Trust work parties for a few years now. I was aware there was a smooth, easy-looking technique for scything, but it always seemed to elude me. I've generally resorted to a brute-force with ignorance approach: holding the blade about a foot off the ground and swinging down hard on the offending tussock!

However, I've now had a damascene moment thanks to the wonderful Mr Richard Brown, black belt zen scything master.

After a moment's observation he de-scythed me. Adjustment was required...

He showed me how to set up the blade, (slightly open), angled correctly, then using my right hand to keep the belly gently running over the grass with a broad sweep from right toe to left heel... pure scything poetry. I was scything! The meadow parted in front of me like the Red Sea. Thank you, Richard, I'll never thrash again... hopefully.


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