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Drag Party at Wood Norton

We made our second work party visit to Wood Norton today. Firstly, the road planings car park passed the test of taking four cars, so that we are now self-contained on the site. Then those new to the site had a quick tour round. For those who haven't been yet, the site is more or less a rectangle of 80m x 50m, a winding bank through the centre, with a fairly large water filled depression in one quarter and a smaller boggy patch in another quarter. We started with a couple of the team looking at a good route through the site using the winding bank, while the others helped our tree surgeon, Ed, remove a few hazardous small trees.

Then the fun began with the first use of our recently acquired Power Pull, which is a strap and winching device. This we used to drag out fallen and rotting trees that are choking the larger pool of water to let in more light and open up one side to attract more wildlife. The power pull really takes a lot of effort out of this kind of work, and without it we would have really struggled (i.e. given up!!). Thanks again to the team of the day and we look forward to a return to what will be a fabulous site.

John Rea

29th March 2023


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