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Going Wild at Brinton Nine Holes

On Wednesday 12th April, Andrew, Stuart and I embarked upon a wildflower sowing session at Nine Holes.

First the grassy area around the apple tree was tightly mowed and the cuttings were taken away in order to reduce the nutrient levels and help wild flowers to establish themselves.

We then focused on a smaller (25 square metre) area that the Gresham's students had previously worked hard on to dig out the nettle and bramble roots. This area was dug over once more and yet more nettles, stones and pieces of pottery were removed.

Finally, we raked the soil as smoothly as possible before treading over it to firm the top layer. Andrew had purchased an interesting mix of wildflower and grass seed which was spread thinly before being gently trodden in. As we finished sowing, the first raindrops hit the earth, hopefully promoting germination in the next few days.

Before departing, a Felbeck Trust sign was attached to the gate post so the site officially joins our growing list of areas where wildlife benefits from our management.

Seán Dempster

12th April 2023


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