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Sustead Bioblitz - July 2nd 2022

The Sustead Bioblitz proved to be a really enjoyable and worthwhile event - if a little exhausting!

The bat walk and moth trapping on Friday night attracted a handful of appreciative visitors and on Saturday we had a steady trickle of members of the general public throughout the day.

We are incredibly lucky in having four 'super-star' subject experts – Rob, Francis, James and Nick – who worked hard all day finding interesting stuff for us to look at and adding to our biodiversity knowledge of the site. It was also a great opportunity to test out much of the monitoring equipment we recently purchased with our grant. We’re still collating the results but we know we’ve added new fungi, moth and bird species to our site list at the very least.

The hard work of preparation, set-up and take-down was all done by our cheerful and dedicated bunch of volunteers and the lovely home baking kept us all going throughout the day. You’ll be able to read all about the event in a special edition of the Newsletter. So thanks to everyone who helped to create another great FT event, which helps validate all of our collective hard work in habitat management – caring for our countryside and protecting our precious wildlife.


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