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Tree Clearance - Spurrells Wood, Sustead

On a very damp morning, two Peters, Ian and Seán met up with tree surgeon Ed to finish the task of removing the large oak tree which was hanging precariously across the path in Spurrells Wood. Last week we ran out of time to complete this task which was complicated by various branches being snagged by several tall willows.

After a couple of hours, during which we admired Ed's impressive chainsaw skills and occasionally made ourselves useful by roping limbs in an appropriate direction, the tree finally surrendered to the powers of gravity and sank slowly to the ground.

As Ed logged the trunk, we removed the debris, clearing the path and storing the bigger pieces for firewood. Another windblown limb further up the track provided little resistance and, in the absence of the customary doughnuts, we wrapped up proceedings at about 11.30.

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