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The Day that Doris came to call

Three of the 'boys' enjoying a break on the new bench before Doris arrived

Last Thursday morning we had a work-party planned at Sustead Common. I had several late enquiries as to whether we should cancel but, by which time, I thought it best to turn up, just in case anyone else did. In the event, we had seven brave volunteers and managed three useful hours work before the impact of Doris brought activity to an end. The site bird list went up by one, as two Canada Geese flew low over the Common, heading north east, as did the plant list, with the addition of Hart's-tongue Fern.

In the evening I was invited to attend the Sustead Parish Council meeting, to give them more information about the work of Felbeck Trust - with particular reference to our activities at Surveyor's Allotment and our hopes for the future. A productive day despite Doris.

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