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National Nest-box Event

Sponsor a nest-box for £20 - all the money goes to our Spurrell's Wood Appeal

It’s National Nest-box Week and we’re making final preparations for our joint Felbeck Trust / North East Norfolk Bird Club event at Sustead Common tomorrow, from ten till three. Our aim is to make and erect 50 nest-boxes in Spurrell’s Wood, hopefully raising money for our appeal in the process. Nest-boxes are a simple way to provide additional choice of nesting places for birds like Blue, Great and Coal Tit, Robin, Pied Wagtail and House Sparrow. Nowadays we keep the countryside and our gardens much ‘cleaner and tidier’, which means that there are fewer natural nest-sites for the birds. At Spurrell’s Wood, which is a relatively new woodland, nest-boxes are essential to provide sufficient places for the birds to nest. Nest-boxes are also used by birds like Wren as a places of safety to roost during the winter. At Sustead Common last year they also provided a home for Tree Bumblebee – a recent Norfolk colonist!

If you have a free hour tomorrow, come along and see us in action. Nest-boxers will be available to sponsor and there'll be coffee & cake available. We’re mid-way along the road between Sustead village green and Aylmerton Field Study Centre.

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