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Dry Hedging at Brinton

On Friday 2nd February, Andrew, Seán, Stuart and Gary were joined at Nine Holes, Brinton by Lenny and six of her Gresham’s students.  The main task was to continue with dry hedging the woodland boundary which we have been working on throughout the winter. The dry hedge should provide more shelter for the rather windy wood and it will also be excellent habitat for invertebrates, small mammals and birds. 

Some of the students spent the afternoon creating protective barriers around the previously coppiced hazel.  If the stumps aren’t protected, the new growth will be nibbled off by hares, Roe and Muntjac deer.  As dusk fell, the students enjoyed a well-earned cup of hot chocolate before returning to school. We are very grateful for their help and look forward to meeting them again at West Beckham in March


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