Water works

November 7, 2018

 A new 'water-feature' for Spurrell's Wood - improving biodiversity & water quality 


We had a full-on working-party yesterday at Spurrell's Wood. With the generous support of Norfolk Rivers Trust and the invaluable advice from Riverlands project manager Emily, we watched with amazement as Dom skilfully created a large filter reed-bed - helping improve water quality from field run-off, and a 'back-water' off of the Gur Beck. Together, they form a new, significantly extended, water feature which will be beneficial to biodiversity and improved water quality.

Whilst all that was going on 'the team' were busy constructing a portable composting toilet to address the welfare needs of volunteers, species surveyors and visitors during our planned Open Days. 


Meanwhile 'the team' take a break - what a bunch of monkeys!

 and the finished article...



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