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Bridging the Gap

The Sustead work party on Wednesday July 14th drew 14 volunteers, one new (hello Bev!) and one nearly new (Hi Sean!) – a really good turnout on a grey but dry day. Thanks to those who cycled or walked, thus helping with the limited parking available today.

The main focus was on building a footbridge over the ditch on the Spurrell’s Wood side of the new pedestrian gate. The old entrance has now been permanently blocked off and the new entrance, alongside the 5-barred gate, gave directly onto a ditch – hence the need for the bridge. 4 volunteers – Trevor, Ian, Alan and Sean – spent the whole morning constructing a very sturdy footbridge with a railing on one side. This was really impressive work and should last a good few years!

The remaining 9 volunteers were divided into three teams, each with one scyther, one raker and one shearer/lopper – each team directed to a different part of the three sites to clear access paths, all of which are suffering rapidly burgeoning growth, what with the rain and relatively warm weather.

A very good morning’s work, with a good selection of biscuits to keep us going. Next time: West Beckham Old Allotments on Friday 30th. See you there!


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