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Nest boxing, bench making and other jobs

An overcast but surprisingly warm day saw 14 volunteers at the Sustead sites on February 3rd, focussing particularly on jobs in Spurrell’s Wood. Three teams of two worked on nest boxes, taking them down, checking to see if they had been used, cleaning them out and repairing them, where necessary – and, in some cases putting fallen boxes back up or securing new ones.

Meanwhile, three people erected a new bench next to the composting toilet – particular mention of Nigel Smith for digging the holes! Now there will be plenty of seating for all our volunteers at our coffee breaks.

Other volunteers cleared paths and collected the few remaining bits of tree guards – left over from the original planting of the wood some 25 or so years ago. Some of us then moved over the road to repair the scrape, where water was leaking out of the weir rather more than it should. Trevor put up a new branch for the birdfeeder to hang from and we also cleared out the bird hide – which had suffered an unwanted squirrel and rat invasion: squirrels had learned how to open one of the viewing flaps and rats had tunnelled under the walls!

Many thanks to all who came. The next work party will be also be at Sustead, on Saturday February 19th at 9.00 a.m. (note the change of venue). We will be finishing off cleaning and mending the nest boxes, as well as carrying out a few other jobs around the sites.


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