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Royal Society of Biologists pays Felbeck Trust a Visit

The warm afternoon of Sunday 24th September, saw 13 (a lucky number) members and fellows of the Royal Society of Biology learn about the work of Felbeck Trust. They initially met at 2pm at Halsey House in Cromer, where a 'spinoff' from the Trust, Cromer Green Spaces, is helping the British Legion manage some of its lawns more efficiently as wildflower meadows, to the benefit of both biodiversity and residents' wellbeing.

This was one the Society's East Anglian branch meetings, and people had come from as far away as St Ives and Thetford. The group was a mixture of retirees, students, teachers, university researchers and laboratory scientists. They all enjoyed the simple explanations provided by our excellent Chairman, Trevor, of what we are trying to do – conserve the ordinary biodiversity before it becomes rare – and how we are doing that.

A walk around West Beckham Old Allotments, with Trevor explaining the principles behind the meadows, hedgerows and thickets, together with supplementary feeding for Turtle Doves, was followed by tea and coffee provided by Peter and Bev. Then the Sustead group of reserves, with just enough cars for the two little car parks, before people went home from there.

Some of the participants are involved in practical conservation land management through their own Parish Councils, all were very impressed with the visions for the sites and the volunteer effort needed to reach them. One comment encapsulates the day as well as the Trust – "The Felbeck Trust members are clearly passionate and committed about the work that they are doing. It is inspirational to see what can be done in relatively small spaces scattered among the urban and rural sprawl and managed agriculture to provide havens for the natural flora and fauna."

David Harper

September 25th 2023


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