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Sustead haymaking in great heat

Tuesday September 7th turned out hot – the hottest day for some weeks, with temperatures peaking at around 26 degrees. However, 14 volunteers arrived at the Sustead sites around 9.00 a.m. and worked hard for three and a half hours, scything both the Common and the Surveyor’s Allotment.

5 or 6 scythers were ably assisted by 8 or 9 rakers and tarpaulin haulers (the tarpaulins have the cut hay piled onto them to facilitate transport to the hay piles).

While we were scything we took care not to harm the many small toads that have made Sustead Common their home, taking advantage of the habitat we have created.

Two drinks breaks helped us to survive the heat but we were all happy to finish around 12.30, leaving the cutting of the Roadside Nature Reserves (which extend up both sides of the road towards the Field Study Centre for about 250 yards) to another day.

Many thanks to all the participants, including the two new volunteers (Al and Tracy) from Sustead.


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